New version of maroon

Posted: May 22, 2013 in DCI
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Just a few seconds ago I pressed enter after writing

gem push maroon-0.7.1.gem

and I’m pretty satisfied with this version of maroon. The major chnaes are that you now define methods with regular method definition syntax I.e.

def methodname(arg1,...,argn)

The other change I made is in how the abstract syntax tree is treated. Maroon has 3 stages

  1. Reading the source
  2. Creating the AST for each method. The AST is represented as a context with the productions playing the roles and productions are in the form of S-expressions
  3. Traversal of the AST and performing the source transformation. In this stage there’s a transformation context where the individual ASTs for each method in turn play a role

One of the reasons why I changed the stages was the AST build as a seperate step, so that other work could be build on top of that. E.g. one of the requirements I wrote of in a previous post. Namely creating a visual representation of the network of interconnected objects that make up a system. That is visually show how the roles in a context connect to each other in various interactions and role methods.

I also feel that Maroon now itself is a pretty good example on how to use maroon and also on how to do DCI. As always the source can be found at at github


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