Posted: December 6, 2009 in Thoughts on development

working with c++ i often wander if c++ even qualify as a language. sometimes it feals more like a rather advanced compiler-compiler.

One definition could be unambigeous semantics. That would certainly disqualify c/c++. With the flexibility of say operator overloading comes the lack of semantics.

Think about it every statement involving any operator have arbitrary semantics. Take a look at the below example. it’s rather weird but none the less possible in c++.



and so forth. C might even be deleted and A uninitialized.

My point is that you can only have assumptions of what any given statement in c++ means. there’s no way of knowing what any piece of code Will do unless you know the entire code base. with that lack of semantics in even the most central statements such as assignment, I find it difficult to Call c++ a language.

  1. Jerry Coffin says:

    If you consider unambiguous semantics a requirement for a language, then you’ve eliminated most (if not all) natural languages. In any case, the semantics in C++ are unambiguous — just not necessarily obvious based on reading a small piece of code.

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