Just finished v0.2 actually there’s not that much new to v0.2. It simple adds a property production to the language as well. The syntax is similar to the one used in c#

A long the way I had quite a few strange experiences. The one that took me the longest to find a solution for was the fact that new LanguageCompiler(new Grammar()) (languageCompiler is a Irnoy class) ment to differrent things depending on how I used my compiler. If I used it with the Grammar Explorer from the Irony project or in the VS SDK hive everything worked fine, but using it stand alone to compile to a .dll new Grammar() suddenly turn it self into instanciating the Irony GRammar class instead of the PRoS Grammar.

Never figured out why but I can only say it’s a good thing to have the source code of the Libraries you’re using when you have to hunt down the reason to why they throw a null refererance exception.

Guess that the next thing I’ll include is a propperty setter or more advanced caching than the simple property


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